Refinery Oil Supply - D2 - JP54

We specialize in offering Oil Direct from some of the Largest Refineries in the world. We supply Personal Corporations and Governments worldwide Bulk commodities Direct, No Broker Chains.

Russian D2 diesel, JP54, Mazut, REBCO, LNG, LPG, AGO, JA1 are some of the commodities through our refinery suppliers. Our purchasers are able to acquire their commodities in virtually any country.


We offer Refinery Oil to Resellers, Distributors and companies worldwide.

Refinery Oil Direct sources direct from oil refineries without the need to deal with long broker chains and wasting years trying to find a real oil / gas suppliers. We allow End Buyers to purchase Direct from the title holder for all our commodities.


To initiate any request, buyer must first send us an (LOI) indicating the product you are wanting to purchase. This enables us to source and get the best pricing for your request from the largest oil refineries in south Louisiana.